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Texas didn't come through, and this thing is going to get ugly -- uglier, I mean. I'm sick to my stomach today at the memory of Clinton talking about "turning her campaign around" last night when she was ahead by 20 points in Texas not so long ago. She's delusional, along with everything else. Anyway, I'll avoid politics for a while (around here and in general) because nothing productive is likely to happen soon and the media is's unspeakable. For now, I'll post an exchange I had with someone in the comments section at another blog (yes, I'm that big a geek). "Joe" is a Hillary supporter who accuses the blog's readers of being latte-sipping elitists who denigrate lower-class and less-educated voters in the party at their future peril. "Me" is me. (His post below was not directed at me; it was directed at everyone on the blog.)

The coalition of either Clinton or Obama will fade in August. And then what? Reagan won the Democrats Clinton is winning for good reasons. If people want to boil it down to racism this time, that seems to be a little naive and not a very intellectual argument. How does Obama keep "those people" in the party? My point is the kinds of posts on this blogs is not the way.
Joe, I think you have a good point: "Reagan won the Democrats Clinton is winning for good reasons." I agree. That said, Obama is likewise winning many independents and Republicans for a reason. (My father and stepmother, lifelong Republicans, both voted for Obama yesterday in Dallas.) As an Obama supporter (and more tepid "Democrat-in-general" supporter), what I'm arguing is that Obama has the potential to beat McCain, say, 58-42, if everything breaks his way. I still don't see a scenario where Hillary beats him any better than 51-49 (remember, her husband never won a plurality), and I can easily imagine him beating her. The fact is, I haven't heard a lot of Clinton supporters saying there's "no way" they would vote for Obama in November, but you hear the opposite a lot, and I really don't think it has anything to do with latte.


Blogger Katy said...

groan is right.
i like HC.
voted for her in fact.
obama won where i am, but i was
honest and informed and felt empowered.
but you know what? my mom-
my own mother! hates HC!
she's a dem, but she gets crazy
and ugly re: HC.
i know in my heart there are people who would never vote for a woman...
add to that my own mother who is just all about obama, and i will say honestly we'll be in for a bad trip if the division trumps the debate. obama can get to office...
and perhaps HC can't...
groan, indeed.

p.s. i love you and your honesty and i don't mind our vast differences. i thank you and value you and i won't judge our (my) e-blog exchanges. you are truly a daily joy for me and though i can't recall how i found you, i also can't recall how i felt before you.
bravo and thanks again.
be well


3:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep drinking your Obama flavored Kool-Aid.


3:36 AM  

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