Monday, March 03, 2008

Make Me Proud, Texas

Needless to say, I'm banking on my friends in the great state of Texas to put a nail in Hillary's coffin on Tuesday. I think it's true that the Clintons are "like zombies." If she wins both of the big states -- even by 50-49 -- she'll make a nuisance of herself, and her chance in Ohio seems much better than her chance in the Lone Star State. If Obama wins the popular vote in Texas, it will be the first time I think the nomination is his, period.

It makes perfect sense to me that some Republican voters in Ohio will be voting for Hillary to help McCain's chances. I'm actually surprised there hasn't been a lot more talk about that strategy. Of course, that could backfire, because after eight years of Bush, it's possible that Clinton could beat McCain. (I still think she'd lose, but it's possible.)

If you haven't yet seen Hillary's most recent silly ad about your sleeping children, and this hilarious response, take a look. What I want to know is, how does this (transparently false) campaign about experience play out for her in November, if she lasts that long? There are substantive reasons to vote for her over McCain, depending on your priorities, but arguments about the red phone at 3 a.m. and experience with the military, etc., would send me running to McCain. Like, hands-on-my-knees-to-catch-my-breath-afterwards running.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, many of the talk radio strategists are trying to get folks to vote for Clinton. Laura Ingraham was talking it up this morning, getting lifelong Republicans to go vote for Hillary in the primaries today in order to keep her in the race longer. The thinking is to make Hillary and Obama spend more money campaigning against each other and bloodying each other up as much as possible. Not a bad strategy, I suppose. But as one caller warned, we should get Clinton out when we have the chance, because a wounded but not dead Clinton is still a dangerous animal to contend with.

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