Monday, March 03, 2008

"Give 'em some breakfast... Come on."

If you haven't seen this video (via Andrew Sullivan, who else?), take a peek. It's amazing. From the three-minute mark on, the mood in the room is electric. Who else can lecture a crowd and then end the speech, legitimately, by saying "We're having too much fun"? A friend of mine (in Texas, appropriate enough) recently called Obama "one of a kind." She wasn't kidding.

In the second half of this clip, he's talking about something that gets even beloved people in trouble in this culture, but you wonder, as he speaks, why basic levels of personal responsibility could ever be turned into a "hot-button issue." (Never mind more ridiculous academic trends. My sister is currently studying for a degree in teaching, and some professors at her very respectable school are claiming that English teachers have to give up on teaching grammar. Huh?) Obama succeeds by mixing in humor, but he also couldn't seem more levelheaded, a word I keep returning to when I describe him. This is what I think he does so well: He restores our common sense.


Blogger lmha said...

*Beam* That was me!

And we did win the Texas delegate count for you. I worked my ass off on primary day - was at my polling place from 7 AM to 1 AM! I set up a table with Obama signs and free donuts (5 dozen Krispy Kremes) to get voters to come over and learn about the caucus that night. The rest of the day, we held up Obama signs, answered questions, and made arrangements to make sure the caucus would go off without a hitch. When it began that night, we ran the caucus, blocked a takeover by Clintonies trying to look neutral and official with fake precinct badges (no joke). It was crazy. But in the end, our precinct was for Obama 2 to 1. I was really upset he didn't win the primary vote but in the end, he still won Texas thanks to the crazy caucus.

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