Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A 3-D Portrait of NYC

Michiko Kakutani raves about Richard Price's new novel, Lush Life, in today's New York Times. This post also serves as a friendly reminder that you can see Price discussing the novel -- and other subjects -- on the debut episode of Titlepage. Here's a bit of the review:
In his latest novel, Mr. Price puts his myriad gifts together to create his most powerful and galvanic work yet, a novel that showcases his sympathy and his street cred and all his skills as a novelist and screenwriter: his gritty-lyrical prose, his cinematic sense of pacing, his uncanny knowledge of the nooks and crannies of his characters’ hearts. “Lush Life” is a novel that gives us a wide, 3-D Imax portrait of a small corner of New York City (the Lower East Side of a few years ago, at that hinge point in time, when young hipsters were beginning to push out the immigrants and the working poor), a novel that captures Manhattan’s magnetic appeal to dreamers and drifters, and its ability to crush the weak and unlucky and turn their dreams into disappointment and rage.


Blogger Fox said...

I very much enjoyed Mr. Prices section of Titlepage and am after a copy of the book. Congrats on the Website and the show.

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