Monday, November 06, 2006

Parent-Friendly Clip

I got word from one of my parents -- I won't say which one -- that she wasn't appreciating the YouTube clips. I don't know why she isn't as entertained by grocery-store chase scenes and talking clay animals as I am. Could be a generational thing. Could be that I was dropped as a child. Anyway, since I wrote about this song the other day and I think she's a fan of the group, I offer as penance this clip of the Bee Gees singing "To Love Somebody" on TV in 1967. Well, they're lip synching, but that's fine. It was the thing to do back then. Plus, I love how undisguised it was -- they would go to great lengths to appear accurate, and then the songs would fade out. ("Wow, they're all singing a little bit more quietly in unison! And how are they playing their instruments softer?!")

Finally, check out that middle brother, who they wisely focus on for only a few seconds starting around :45. The brother on the left (I can't keep track of them -- Maurice? Robin? Englebert? Friedrich?) is pretty cool-looking, like a black-and-white Hugh Jackman or something. But that middle bro -- it looks like Austin Powers and Janice from the Muppets had a kid.


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