Sunday, October 29, 2006

Oh, I Have an Idea of Where They Can Go

This Park Slope couple is looking to move, and they've set up a web site where people can vote for a town. First town that gets a million votes will be their new home for a year, and they will (lucky us) update their site to tell of life there.

Danny's "favorite frosty treat" is mango water ice. They have a cat named Snuffleupagus.

Do I even need to say that I'm glad they'll be leaving the neighborhood?

Anyway, it turns out their comeuppance is going to be sweet. Thanks, bizarrely, to a German TV program that recommended this choice, the town leading the pack is none other than Plano, Texas, former home of ASWOBA. Plano is a town with many conveniences, but for someone like Danny, who loves indie pop and thai food, well, it might as well be the Gulag.

Given that other towns receiving a healthy number of votes include Arlington (Texas), Akron (Ohio) and Fort Wayne (Indiana), one can only deduce that the vast majority of people who visit Danny and Nina's site quickly develop disdain for them. There's really no other explanation for those choices.

(Via FrinkTank, which gets much respect for its headline.)


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