Sunday, October 22, 2006

Cartoons, Because Life is Hard

While my neighbor upstairs continues to, evidently, drum on his floor (I'm not kidding), I figure I'll distract myself (and you) with fun. (What I really should be doing is taking a walk, to get away from the drumming, and doing some work; those activities will follow shortly.)

Anyway, this site, which I found through FrinkTank, is entertaining me. It's called XKCD, a title which the proprietor -- someone in Virginia with a degree in physics -- says is nonsensical. I believe him.

I found the site last week, when I silently included a link to it in my year-anniversary wrap-up extravaganza post. But now I'm searching through the archives. It seems the earlier comics were pretty straightforwardly absurd (if that makes sense), and they've become a bit more ornate since. This one's great, but beware the language (Mom).

I also like this and this and this:


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