Saturday, October 21, 2006


I love Norm Geras' blog, but he's off the mark here. Fargo is beautifully made, but Raising Arizona will always be the Coen brothers' masterpiece. How does it not make the top three, Norm?? . . . A blog friendly to this one is sporting a new look. Snazzy. . . . The wisdom of crowds: The readers of an international literature blog recently predicted the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, Orhan Pamuk. I see that one reader voted for/predicted William Trevor. I hope he wins it someday. The guy's a genius. . . . And since some of you are personal friends presumably interested in such things, here's a look at my increasingly cute and imminently ambulatory nephew, who's six weeks or so from his first birthday:


Blogger lmha said...

He is absolutely adorable!

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