Friday, October 20, 2006

Finally, a Respectable Journalistic Home for Lushes

I really can't thank my friend JF enough for pointing me in the direction of Modern Drunkard Magazine. It seems there's a print edition, but I've only visited the online home. The most entertaining thing I've come across in my (so far) brief time there is this interview with novelist Gary Shteyngart.

Shteyngart provides a...vivid...description of beer in the former USSR:
MDM: How is the Russian beer?
GS: It’s not bad. There’s Baltika, which is great. There are different versions, rated one through nine by strength. One is semi-alcoholic, three is what most people drink, and nine—you might as well be drinking vodka. It’s like the armpit of some kind of bear.
The Modern Drunkard interviewer then uncorks an admirable story of relocation:
MDM: It’s great when you find that bar. A place where you’d rather go, at any hour, than any other place in the world. When I was passing through Denver I found a bar like that, which is why I moved to Denver.
GS: Because of that bar?
MDM: Yes. After getting drunk there I woke up in my car. I walked in concentric circles until I found a place for rent.
And as the interview progresses, its tone is closely tied to the fact that the participants are increasingly hammered:
MDM: I imagine we should have another shot of vodka.
GS: You’re right.
Bartender: Do you want more pickles?
GS: Yes. Pickles are essential.


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