Saturday, November 04, 2006

I Am an Overgrown Seven-Year-Old

One of the many reasons people might be embarrassed to be in social company with me is that I'm likely to blurt out something like, "Hey, that movie Flushed Away looks pretty good." I'm a sucker for animated things, as long as they're also smart and funny, and I also like Bill Nighy quite a bit. It seems he voices one of the movie's most entertaining characters. Plus, Aardman studios, which produced it, has done some great things in the past, including Chicken Run and all things Wallace and Gromit. Many moons ago, before the mainstream success of those efforts, I remember renting a video of Aardman shorts, which included claymation interviews with zoo animals, the most entertaining of whom was a lion. Thanks to YouTube, I found him again after all these years. Reunited and it feels so good:


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