Friday, May 05, 2006

A Race in Kentucky

I can't let the week pass without a few links for those of you who want to brush up on this Saturday's Kentucky Derby. So, here's the official site, here's ESPN's take on how things will shake out, and here's a piece illustrating the courage, insanity, and quirkiness of jockey culture.

I'll have to do some last-second handicapping, because I haven't been paying much attention up to this point. All I know is the names of the horses, which are normally entertaining in their own right, though this year features some clunkers. One entrant sounds like a bad sitcom in development at ABC (Bob and John), two are boring vocational names (Lawyer Ron and Brother Derek), and four have the makings of solid handles with familiar elements for big-time horses, but seem to get something just a shade wrong (Bluegrass Cat, Storm Pleasure, Private Vow, and Flashy Bull).

Sinister Minister and Sharp Humor are my two favorite names lining up Saturday, and they're both speed demons in a race full of them. They should be up front battling for the lead early. I watched Sinister Minister go wire to wire with ease in the Bluegrass Stakes, and even though that's not a race of this level, speed is speed. He's my pick.


Blogger Nathan said...

Thanks for the ESPN link. Those jockeys are crazed. Booze, drugs, eating disorders, and the fact that your spine could be crushed at any moment... where do I sign up?

6:34 PM  

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