Monday, May 01, 2006

Blog Recommendation: Little Red Boat

Each time Norman Geras interviews a new blogger, I try to check out that blogger', because I like to think I gained somewhere between one and one-point-five readers myself when I was graciously included in the exercise. (This is to impugn me and my work, of course, and not Norm's vast and powerful readership.)

Anyway, last week's interview was with Anna Pickard, who blogs at Little Red Boat. I've spent just a bit of time there, but I'll spend more. She's got a conversational, funny voice and uses it well to describe everyday life. (If I was an op-ed columnist for a tired newspaper, I'd throw in something here about how blogs empower us average people. But I'm not. And they don't.)

She's also good at expressing anger and contempt with humor, an admirable trait, and using British slang in a way that makes me laugh, as in this description of a meditation technique she tried to little effect: "I’ve been doing it for the last fifteen minutes, and not only has it not made me any calmer, now I feel like a tit as well." Hey, I've never claimed highbrow status.


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