Monday, May 01, 2006

Sequels: And Now For Something Completely Worse

Jason over at Bad Movie Club is one of the world's leading authorities on, appropriately enough, bad movies. He loves (and is smart about) great movies, don't get me wrong, but he's a walking encyclopedia of bad movies. He could be the world's greatest father -- and he seems to be a good one from what I've seen; making sure the kids are fed and whatnot -- and still have to work very hard to spend more time with his boys than he has throughout his life ingesting terrible, wretched, spirit-draining cinematic product. In college, he would (barely) sleep on his couch with bad movies playing on a loop, waking up for long stretches throughout the night to feed on them. In this way, he gathered strength.

He now displays that strength on his blog, producing posts like today's, in which he presents (and systematically destroys) Entertainment Weekly's recent list of the 25 worst sequels in history, and then counters with a meticulously annotated list of his own.

I don't think I see as many sequels as Jason does. I don't think an overly caffeinated, ADD-afflicted high schooler kidnapped by Netflix for research purposes sees as many sequels as Jason does. (Ed. Note: I'm a happy Netflix customer, and I'm just joking; they don't kidnap, as far as I know.) So I can't offer a comprehensive list of my own. I can only agree heartily with the high ranking of Back to the Future 2, which was one of my first and most brutal lessons in the abject stupidity of anticipating a sequel to a favorite movie with anything other than some mixture of apathy and fear.


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Cool, I enjoyed BMC's article. I think it is time for a Top # List of movies here!

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