Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sequel to the Sequel Post

Jason -- inspired by my powers of persuasion, as usual -- has followed up his hated-sequels post with a two-part look at his favorites, here and here.

It's the usual great stuff, including these two gems:

On Short Circuit 2: "Any of you whose heart doesn't melt when Johnny 5 becomes a US citizen - you are made of stone."

On Michael Myers in the Halloween movies: "Unlike Freddy, he is not particularly quick witted; to be honest, he might be Eddie Izzard but since he never speaks, we'll never know."


Blogger Dezmond said...

Great as always, Jason. But your rules need to be applied consistently. Godfather II and Empire Strikes Back were not eligible because they were parts of a trilogy, but Road Warrior is eligible? It is also a part of a trilogy.

8:02 PM  
Anonymous Dread Jason said...

Thanks for the comment Desmond - In my Worst Sequels post, I mentioned that the trilogy thing is really close to splitting hairs. The way I see it is that a trilogy has to be one continuous story. I couldn't remember the time span from 2 to part 3. And here is the other problem - there has long been a rumored part 4 which ruins its trilogosity for me.

4:53 AM  
Blogger Dezmond said...

A couple of things on "The Road Warrior": Is It Eligible Or Not controversy.

First, I see Jason's point in that with the Star Wars and Godfather films, they really are one continuous story, with each film really being like an episode. I can see how the Mad Max films are a bit more episodic and films on their own, like a James Bond film or something. But, I think there is a link between the first and second film. In 'Mad Max', Max starts off as a good cop with a wife and child, and then he loses all humanity by the end and becomes a "shell of a man" as the narrator says. Then, through 'Road Warrior', he finds his humanity once again by at first reluctantly joining and helping the survivors. So, I think they are of a piece, but can be enjoyed and understood without seeing the other if necessary. I tend to disregard 'Thunderdome', although the first half is good.

On the rumored 4th Mad Max movie. It was to be called 'Fury Road', and they had actually started filming in Africa. Mel Gibson, for some reason, decided to pull the plug on it and it is supposedly now a dead project. It will not happen. As much of a fan as I am of the series, I'm kind of glad. I thought 'Terminator 3' was awful, and too far removed from the first two films and therefore detracted from the legacy vs. enhancing it. I would be afraid a Mad Max 4 in this day and age would do the same. That trilogy belongs in the 1980's, leave it be. It does not need updating.

10:48 AM  

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