Monday, May 01, 2006

Johnny Doffs Cap, For Some Reason or Other/Brief, Shameful Movie Review

I'm starting to like Johnny Damon. This article about the Yankees' loss in Boston tonight features a shot of Damon tipping his cap to the Sox fans, many of whom were booing him at that moment. The report says: "Maybe Damon saw everyone standing and heard more clapping than berating because he removed his helmet and raised it in appreciation." Maybe. Either way, it's a good moment. In one scenario, Damon is tipping his hat because he's mistaking boos for cheers, and that makes him about as bright -- but about as easy to dislike, too -- as the average four-year-old. In the other scenario (and the article makes it clear that some fans were cheering), he's tipping his cap to a semi-appreciative crowd despite the other, more malign half of the reaction, and that, to me, is a pretty good-natured, mature gesture.

Also, and I bury this for a reason at the bottom of a post many of you won't read -- right before putting in a rented movie over the weekend, I caught the start of Fever Pitch on cable and ended up watching the whole thing. It stars Jimmy Fallon as a nutjob Red Sox fan who has to choose between baseball and a woman when he falls in love with Drew Barrymore. I detest the Red Sox, I strongly dislike Fallon, and though I think Barrymore can be cute, I also think she can be excruciatingly bad. Fallon's not bad in this (granted, it doesn't ask much of him), but everything else is OK or worse. Still, I enjoyed it. I can't defend this on any level, except to say that I've had a case of the doldrums lately, and that can lead to much lower standards for late-night flickering images. TV as fireplace for the wintry soul; you know the routine.


Blogger Dezmond said...

It is a bad movie, although one scene really made me laugh. When he misses THE GAME in order to spend time with her (where the Red Sox made the amazing comeback), and then he flips on the TV. The news reports about everything that he missed ("nuns are stripping in the streets!" "The longest conga line in recorded history!!")...that was really funny. How he breaks out in a sweat and just starts wimpering.

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