Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Recent Finds

In case you haven't heard, blogging is the future. (Bow down before me and my handfuls of readers.) And that future continues to brighten:

Two friends of mine are the significantly good forces behind Moreover, a new blog from Intelligent Life, a lifestyle magazine from the folks at The Economist. Visit Moreover frequently. And call your mother.

I also think you will enjoy, if you don't already, Paper Cuts, a new books blog by Dwight Garner, a senior editor at the New York Times Book Review. The blog is appropriately housed at the Times' site, and it includes this funny post about the writer Pete Dexter.

I've added Moreover and Paper Cuts to the blogroll, along with Maud Newton and The Elegant Variation, under a new category called "books." You may have heard of them. I'm sure more entries under that heading will follow. Also, George Packer has started a blog at The New Yorker's site, but I haven't visited enough to feel comfortable adding it to my list. I'm sure that stings Mr. Packer deeply.


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