Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Noteworthy New Mascot

My friend JW (not me, though I am a friend to myself) passed along this piece about a new minor league baseball team in Grand Prairie, which is between Dallas and Fort Worth. The team is going to be called the Air Hogs.

Evidently, Grand Prairie has a thriving aviation industry, and Air Hogs is a slang term used by military pilots. The fan who suggested the name in an online contest gives good quote:
Mr. Hasty, a self-proclaimed Google addict, said he searched the Internet for mascots. Then he typed in "aviator" and up popped pictures of "air hogs."

"These cool little logos came up of hogs with tusks and goggles, and they looked real tough," Mr. Hasty said. "I wanted a tough hog, one that wouldn't be mistaken for a pig."
Got that? They're not a bunch of pansy pigs.

The team begins play in 2008, and I imagine that's when I'll see its new stadium for the first time in person. If ASWOBA is still going strong then, there will be a full report and photos. If you're half as excited as I am by that prospect, you're very, very excited.



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