Monday, June 18, 2007

Stop Me Before I Blog Again

I'm toying with the semi-ridiculous idea of starting a companion blog to this one where I would only post photos. I've been taking quite a few with my new camera (it hasn't replaced my iPod in my heart, but it and the iPod are exchanging tense glances) and the vast majority of them don't really have a place here.

There's no reason for me to have told you this other than my not having much else to do at the moment. Please enjoy the more substantive new posts below.


Blogger Mrs. White said...

I've toyed with this very same idea myself, but decided that since there would only be a small handfull of people who might be interested, my flickr account would adequately serve their needs.
However, I suspect you have a larger readership than I do and a second, photoblog would be well-received.

I say go for it.

9:53 AM  
Anonymous lfw said...

love the idea, and i think it would be a perfect place to host some more outside contributors... hint hint...

6:17 PM  

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