Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Automatic Loser

Please understand, I don't reflexively hate Hillary Clinton. I do reflexively dislike her, but I'm talking about hatred. You know, the feeling that at least a third of Americans have for her. The fact that the Democrats might opt for such a monumentally divisive nominee when the White House should be a lay-up for them in 2008 -- well, I've said it several times around here; it makes me especially proud to affiliate myself with neither major party. Chances would be very good for her to lose a general election. If she managed to win, you now have another dynastic, widely loathed figure at the top of government. Yippee.

Now, she's getting points for a campaign ad that announces her candidacy's official song and mimics the ending of The Sopranos. And I guess that's pretty cool, but it buries the real story, which is that the song is "You and I" by Celine Dion!!! I usually keep the exclamation points in a high-up cabinet around here, so I resist the urge to use them, but seriously. Is she running for President or Lame Mom Laureate? Does she care about the under-50 vote? Bill once adopted "Don't Stop" by Fleetwood Mac as his song, which seems like the Arcade Fire compared to this choice. Realize that as I write this, I'm listening to Air Supply (not a joke), but there's a time and place.

I'm sure he's got more volunteers than he knows what to do with, but I really want to work for Obama. This has got to stop.


Blogger Jamal said...

Join us on the Obama bandwagon. Reports are that he outraised her in the most recent quarter which, at this stage, is much more important than the polling. I have little faith in the Democratic establishment and their choices. Their choice is Hillary. Herego, mine is Obama. And Edwards second. Two big reasons not to go with Hillary are one you mentioned--the hate factor that will inspire the nut base to come out for the Republicans. And two, the downballot. With Hillary at the top, we could lose a bunch of state and federal seats that we have painstakingly started to win back. It's so wrong for so many reasons. So hop aboard.

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