Tuesday, August 08, 2006

"It's a Simple Question, Doctor: Would You Eat the Moon If It Were Made of Ribs?"

OK, for now I think the heat has abated to the point where the blog will start making sense again. Or, as much sense as it usually does. Some friends have pointed out the anemic nature of recent posts, like the one showing my hand. They've used phrases like "low on content," which is friend speak for "worthless." But tonight, I'm back, filled with rage at New York Times reporters and ready to recommend songs and -- how's this for content? -- armed with a link to this skit of Will Ferrell surreally and hysterically playing Harry Caray as the host of a science interview show. Jeff Goldblum does an admirable job, I think, of not laughing at Ferrell's insanity until at least a minute or so into the proceedings:

(Via Pop Candy)


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