Friday, August 04, 2006

Fashionably Apathetic Sock Puppets

The YouTube finding that I hinted at the other day isn't quite what I hoped it would be. Such is life. But we soldier on.

Just a little before the turn of the millennium -- remember those days, when the scariest possible thing we could imagine involved computers misreading calendars? Oh, but look at us now -- I became a fan of a show called Sifl & Olly on MTV. It made Beavis & Butthead look like Turgenev, but I enjoyed it. (I'll defend B&B to the death, by the way, but you know what I mean.) Sifl and Olly were two sock puppets, seemingly voiced by two college dropouts who were improvising prank phone calls and stoner talk about subjects like the ice cream truck. (My girlfriend at the time couldn't believe how much I liked the show given that I wasn't a regular smoker of weed. Looking back, I share her amazement.) They had a friend named Chester who was normally the highlight of any episode he appeared in, and I was hoping YouTube had footage that involved him and Star Wars (the context is vague in my memory, but I recall it was the funniest thing they ever did). Unfortunately, I couldn't find it, and many of the clips they do have are kind of lame. This song they did, though, cracks me up, so it will have to suffice. Olly (the white one) tears into it while Sifl (the green one) looks on in disbelief:


Blogger Nathan said...

I had almost forgotten about Sifl and Olly... god I loved that show.

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