Sunday, July 30, 2006

Chimp Goes on Tilt

I've been seeing teaser headlines about this poker-playing chimp all over the place the last few weeks. He was supposed to be trained to play, and even entered in this year's World Series of Poker. I figured it was legit (as legit as training an ape to play cards can be, anyway), so I never really investigated. Turns out, he's not such a pro. This clip is hilarious. (My favorite part: How, right after he starts flipping out, they put up the graphic about chimps and humans sharing 98.4% of their DNA. Yes, we're quite a species, us humans. Second favorite part: How his trainer doesn't contradict the vapid morning-news host when he asks if he should put "five cards up," when you should start with three. With training like that, the chimp's not likely to advance very far. Of course, that's assuming he learns to stop eating his chips.)

(Via Deadspin)


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