Saturday, July 29, 2006

Faith in 'Lack of Faith' Rewarded

I used to have Josh Friedman's blog, I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing, on my blogroll, and I only took it off because he posts so infrequently (I'm fine with that; he must be busy as a successful screenwriter) that I figured I could just point out whenever he's got something new up. Well, I've checked nearly every day since May 9, the date of the last post, and my obsessive checking has finally paid off -- and it was worth the wait (Mom, no need for you to follow the link. Even the post's title has a word that will offend you):
I betrayed you by abandoning Hollywood anecdotes and writing about my illness; most of you take Hollywood more seriously than cancer and why shouldn't you? Cancer can only kill you but a funny blog entry can make Dr. Pepper shoot from your nose.

And believe it or not I've had things to do. I owe Mr. Fox Broadcasting Company one very large Terminator script and was determined to get it done before our very own nuclear apocalypse made the one in the script feel "dated."


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