Monday, July 31, 2006

The Good Movie Club

It's been a while since I've resorted to a list of favorites, which is always a handy way to take up some space and get all of you chattering. So, here are 26 (to embrace randomness) movies I love. They're in no particular order, though the top 10 are pretty much in their appropriate place at the bottom of the list, ending with my favorite. I've added some good/memorable lines from some of the choices for illustrative purposes. Feel free to make fun of me in the comments for not having enough foreign films (I've seen my share, but always have trouble choosing my favorites), or for having too many comedies, or for ignoring The Godfather (I'm not going for historical accuracy here; these are just the movies I would put on a loop if I had to narrow things down).


Ferris Bueller's Day Off
("Here's where Cameron goes berzerk.")

Withnail & I

Glengarry Glen Ross


Kicking and Screaming
(Noah Baumbach, not Will Ferrell/Mike Ditka)

Before Sunrise

Four Friends

Doctor Zhivago

Empire of the Sun


Of Mice and Men

The Breakfast Club

("PB&J with the crusts cut off.")

The Princess Bride
("But, you've also bested my Spaniard, which means you must have studied, and in studying you must have learned that man is mortal...")



The Best of Youth

("Well, a satirical piece in the Times is one thing, but bricks and baseball bats really gets right to the point.")

Bottle Rocket

Back to the Future

Sherman's March

("You've got to kid yourself and you've got to kid her and then you'll both believe it.")

Broadcast News
("I've never seen you like this about anyone, so please don't take it wrong when I tell you that I believe that Tom, while a very nice guy, is the devil.")

This is Spinal Tap
("David, Smell the Glove is here.")

Raising Arizona

("I'm already home, Glen.")

You Can Count On Me

("But I don't want to believe in something or not believe in it because I might feel bad. I want to believe in it or not believe in it because I think it's true or not.")

Annie Hall
("What has the universe got to do with it? You're here in Brooklyn! Brooklyn is not expanding!")



Anonymous lfw said...

nice list. i like the little snapshots you chose for some of them. i've only not seen 5 of these, but i think those 5 are already on my netflix queue.

4:14 PM  
Blogger MAW said...

I loooove Before Sunrise and your post just reminded me how much I wanted to see Before Sunset but I've just never gotten around to it. Time to update the NetFlix queue...

Movies I'd put on a loop? Let's see:

Raising Arizona ("Son, you've got a panty on your head.")

Harold and Maude

Clue ("Men should be like Kleenex; soft, strong and disposable.")

The Royal Tenenbaums

Dead Poets Society

The Big Lebowski ("Donnie, you're out of your element."

Little Women (I'm such a girl)

Pride and Prejudice (I watched this one three times last week alone.)

Say Anything (One of the best movie endings ever.)

There's more, but that's all I can think of right now. Rock.

6:51 PM  
Blogger Dezmond said...

Ah, the lists are back! "Hud" rocks. "Dr. Zhivago"? Not my first David Lean choice. Or second. I'd go with "Bridge On the River Kwai". "Swingers" hasn't aged well. "Bottle Rocket" is his best, and each subsequent film is a little less than the one before. "This Is Spinal Tap" and "Raising Arizona"...the two greatest comedies ever made. You can tell how cool someone is based on how obscure their Spinal Tap quotes are. Someone who uses the "This one goes to 11" quote is a wannabe and is only exposing their surface knowledge. You, my friend, are a true fan. That is a great quote. "My job in the band is to be in the middle, like lukewarm water". Or, "Boston's cancelled. Not a big college town".

10:36 PM  
Blogger Dezmond said...

Try these on for size. Listed in no particular order:

Amadeus (director's cut)
From Russia With Love
Boogie Nights
Bottle Rocket
Breaker Morant
Breakfast Club, The
Bridge on the River Kwai, The
Dawn of the Dead (director's cut)
Dr. Strangelove
Dog Day Afternoon
Ed Wood
First Blood
Glengarry Glen Ross
Godfather, The
Godfather II, The
Graduate, The
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Hustler, The
Mad Max II: The Road Warrior
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
No Man's Land
Point Break
Raising Arizona
Right Stuff, The
Star Wars IV: A New Hope
Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back
Terminator, The
Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The
This Is Spinal Tap
The Last Waltz
Capturing the Friedmans

10:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe UNCLE BUCK isn't on your list. -- Tavia

9:21 AM  
Anonymous lfw said...

point break? is that a joke?

my favorite spinal tap moment is nigel's "it IS green."

11:27 AM  
Blogger Dezmond said...

No joke on "Point Break". For what it is, it is highly entertaining and well done. Obviously my list is fairly subjective. If I were throwing together a book about America's greatest cinema achievements, I wouldn't have it in there. But a list of flicks I just really enjoy time and time again, hell yeah "Point Break". You know, "Fast and the Furious" is a complete rip-off of PB. I mean, EXACT same plot other than replacing the surfing with underground racing.

8:55 AM  
Blogger Dezmond said...

An oft forgotten Spinal Tap scene is the one late in the movie, when they play the air force base and Fred Willard is showing them around. That whole scene is priceless. "You guys ever heard of a group called Three Jacks and a Jill..." and when they are trying to figure out how many hours until showtime after Willard used military time.

8:59 AM  

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