Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Way, Way More

Just to follow up on the Isaac Hayes/South Park post below, I saw the new episode tonight (I don't normally watch it), and it's a bit stunning that they produced something so topical in about a week's time. The show was even more gleefully vulgar than I remembered, revolving around a "Super Adventure Club" (a stand-in for scientology) that brainwashes Chef (The Character Formerly Voiced by Hayes) into becoming a pedophile.

At one point, one of the kids calls the Super Adventure Club's central message "retarded," and the club's leader asks, and I'm paraphrasing (a lot), "Is it any more retarded than the son of God coming to Earth to save us, or a Buddhist sitting in a tree for 20 years?" And one of the kids responds: "Yes, it's way, way more retarded."

Do not cross Stone and Parker.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's starting to look more and more like Hayes didn't make the decision to quit. Instead, it was made by a Scientologist on his behalf. [The post is clean, but other posts on the cite include foul language, adult situations, and occasional nudity]

All right, so What Would Tyler Durden Do? isn't the most reputable source. But it quotes the NY Post and then makes a funny.

-- Comish

9:16 PM  

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