Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Archive of the Day

From Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates:
"Hi!" They called to one another.

"Hi!..." "Hi!..."

This one glad syllable, borne up through the gathering twilight and redoubling back from the Wheelers' kitchen door, was the traditional herald of an evening's entertainment. Then came the handshakings, the stately puckered kissings, the sighs of amiable exhaustion -- "Ah-h-h"; "Who-o-o" -- suggesting that miles of hot sand had been traveled for the finding of this oasis or that living breath itself had been held, painfully, against the promise of this release. In the living room, having sipped and grimaced at the first frosty brimming of their drinks, they pulled themselves together for a moment of mutual admiration; then they sank into various postures of controlled collapse.


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