Tuesday, March 21, 2006

One Song

I just did the five songs thing yesterday, and I'm trying to limit myself to running it every couple of weeks, but occasionally I feel the need to sneak another one in here.

Today, a band called Band of Horses released Everything All the Time, and the cool kids are all over this album. The sound clips on iTunes left me wondering if it's my kind of thing (it seems like My Morning Jacket is a preferred point of comparison, and I'm ambivalent about them, too). But to give them a chance, I downloaded the song that the much-less-cool kids at Entertainment Weekly recommended. It's called "I Go to the Barn Because I Like the"

No, I didn't leave a word off the end. That's the name of the song, and it's pretty good. It starts with overlapping vocal tracks, one whispered and one keening. And it goes through a quiet, satisfying change halfway through its three minutes.


Anonymous e.j. said...

you should go to their website and download their demos. i liked those more than the ones they released on their cd/record/set of mp3s i download (can we decide on a word?).

8:50 PM  

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