Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Financial What?

When you work for a large corporation like I do, you occasionally get invited to a seminar on the premises. For instance, this week a financial services firm is coming in to give a talk titled "Dispelling 15 Financial Myths."

The e-mail inviting me and others to this talk included the following description.
Topics will include:

Estate Planning

Insurance Strategies

Investment Strategies

Retirement Planning

General Planning
I don't have an estate.

I'm almost certain I have insurance, but less sure it's the kind you strategize about.

I have no investments, unless you count a few rapidly depreciating Ken Griffey, Jr. rookie cards.

I work in publishing and don't see any way I can possibly retire before age 137 at my current pace.

So I suppose the one thing I could really use is that last one -- General Planning. Perhaps I'll go.


Anonymous pf said...

At least your company doesn't encourage you to attend presentations on "Thought Leadership" ....

9:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, it's 2:55 am. Still in the f#$ing hotel business center. Punch drunk and reading your blog. This is giving me a chuckle...


2:59 AM  

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