Monday, February 27, 2006

Birthday Tandems

I also found out from The Lancelet that Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin were born on the same date -- February 12, 1809. That seems like an unbeatable duo for a single day. Any birthday experts out there who can top it (or even challenge it)?


Anonymous lfw said...

February 1, 1968: Pauly Shore and Lisa Marie Presley. Take THAT.

11:44 AM  
Anonymous lfw said...

guess who's having a slow day at work? here's a hint...

1/5/31 alvin ailey, robert duvall
1/24/41 neil diamond, aaron neville
1/26/58 ellen degeneres, anita baker
1/31/23 carol channing, norman mailer
2/8/40 ted koppel, nick nolte
2/13/44 stockard channing, jerry springer
2/15/51 jane seymour, melissa manchester
2/17/81 joseph gordon-levitt, paris hilton
2/20/67 kurt cobain, andrew shue
2/20/24 gloria vanderbilt, sidney poitier
3/3/62 jackie joyner-kersee, herschel walker
3/10/64 prince edward, jasmine guy
3/14/33 quincy jones, michael caine
3/21/62 matthew broderick, rosie o'donnell
3/31/48 rhea perlman, al gore
4/3/24 doris day, marlon brando
4/6/37 merle haggard, billy dee williams
4/12/47 dave letterman, tom clancy
4/14/41 julie christie, pete rose
4/29/57 michelle pfeiffer, daniel day-lewis (did they know this when filming 'age of innocence'?)
4/29/70 (3): uma thurman, andre agassi, master P
5/17/56 bob saget, sugar ray leonard
5/28/44 rudy giuliani, gladys knight
6/1/26 andy griffith, marilyn monroe
6/12/41 marv albert, chick corea
6/18/52 carol kane, isabella rossellini
6/18/42 roger ebert, paul mccartney
6/21/47 the keaton parents, meredith baxter and michael gross
6/23/1894 edward VIII, king of england; alfred kinsey
7/6/46 george w. bush, sylvester stallone
7/6/25 bill haley, merv griffin
7/12/1895 R. Buckminster Fuller, Oscar Hammerstein II
7/22/47 (3) danny glover, albert brooks, don henley
7/23/73 nomar garciaparra, monica lewinsky
8/16/58 madonna, angela bassett
8/18/69 christian slater, edward norton
8/23/49 rick springfield, shelley long
8/31/45 van morrison, itzhak perlman
9/5/46 freddie mercury, loudon wainwright III
9/10/34 charles kuralt, roger maris
9/15/46 oliver stone, tommy lee jones
9/16/56 david copperfield, mickey rourke
9/18/71 lance armstrong, jada pinkett smith
9/28/67 mira sorvino, moon unit zappa
10/7/68 toni braxton, thom yorke
10/13/25 lenny bruce, margaret thatcher
10/17/72 eminem, wyclef jean
10/18/39 mike ditka, lee harvey oswald
10/26/47 (3) pat sajak, hilary clinton, jaclyn smith
10/31/50 john candy, jane pauley
11/17/44 (3) danny devito, tom seaver, lorne michaels
12/3/60 darryl hannah, julianne moore
12/3/30 jean-luc godard, andy williams
12/31/43 john denver, ben kingsley

12:59 PM  
Blogger JMW said...

None of those compare, clearly, but I certainly appreciate the thoroughness. Two thoughts:

1. Certainly, no two more annoying people were ever born on the same day than Neil Diamon and Aaron Neville.

2. Ellen Degeneres and Anita Baker are the SAME AGE? I would've made Anita at least 10 years older. Sorry, Anita.

2:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Momentous April 14 events:

-- Lincoln shot at Ford's Theater.

-- Bombay harbor explosion kills 700.

-- Oxygen tank on Apollo 13 explodes.

-- Titanic hits iceberg.

-- Anthony Michael Hall born

-- Caroline Rhea born

-- Da Brat born

-- Sarah Michelle Gellar born

-- David Justice (the man who married and then cheated on Halle Berry, and something about baseball) born

-- Adrien Brody born

-- The Comish (sic) born

... It just keeps getting worse, doesn't it?

(On the plus side, Webster copyrighted the first dictionary (which is only good because I'm a geek), and William Howard Taft became the first President to throw out the first pitch of a season. And Greg Maddux was born. And Rod Steiger.)

3:26 PM  

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