Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Rest, Vol. 3

I think this is volume 3. Anyway, I (very) infrequently like to check in on what other random bloggers are writing about. Here are three peeks:
I have just spent the past 7 hours highlighting. It was quite a blow to my self-esteem because, despite an education at a top tier school, I am not very good at highlighting.
I have a loathing fascination of ants. I think it stems from my childhood where I had a number of negative experiences with ants' nests.
And finally, from a blog called Follow the Moon:

hmm...lets see...i am not sure what to write here. I had some free time, and decided to write somethings about what is happening in my life and also love of my life and my personal life. As for the title "Follow The Moon", if you ever , ever get lost somewhere in the world do not... i repeat do not ever Follow The Moon.

This person might think about adding a "Don't" to the front of their blog title, don't you think?


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