Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Five Songs, Chapter Two

The latest in a series where I recommend a handful of songs I've been listening to lately, because I'm a huge geek and you have nothing better to do. Don't deny it.

That's How I Got to Memphis -- Kelly Willis

From a tribute album to songwriter Tom T. Hall that came out seven years ago, which features several above-average covers by people like Richard Buckner, Iris Dement, Ron Sexsmith and Johnny Cash. This is probably my favorite.
If you love somebody enough
You'll follow wherever they go
That's how I got to Memphis
Baby It's Cold Outside -- Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Jordan

This is like listing five books and including The Bible, so pardon the obviousness. But while it's still cold outside, give this a listen. Very nearly perfect.

Don't Need a Reason -- Beth Orton

I haven't gotten her latest yet, but I've been playing this, from her first, quite often lately. I preferred the follow-up album as a whole, but this one song might be her best.

One Great City! -- The Weakerthans

An ode to a city that you simultaneously belong to and despise (in this case, Winnipeg).

The Only Living Boy in New York -- Simon & Garfunkel

Garden State was one disappointing movie; funny at times, but cloying and juvenile overall. It gives sentiment a bad name, which is something I resent, as someone who considers himself sentimental. That said, it introduced me (miraculously) to this song, so I can't be too bitter.



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what about the ray charles/betty carter version?

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