Monday, February 20, 2006

My Favorite Novel

If any of you plan on linking to my questionnaire on normblog, or already did and are trying to block out the experience in therapy, I just have one small addendum:

Norm asked for favorite song and movie, but best novel. Fair enough. And being a stickler for semantics (ed. note: changed from "linguistics" thanks to a sharp-minded friend), I listed Atonement as the best novel I've read. And I stand by that, structurally, sentence for sentence, etc. But my favorite novel is The Brothers K by David James Duncan, and I thought it deserved a mention. It's bigger and sloppier than Atonement (in ways good and bad, but for the best overall), but by dealing with sibling and parental relationships, baseball, and religion, and in doing so in a Big Earnest American tone, it's tailor-made for me. Plus, Everett, one of the brothers, is my favorite fictional character.



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