Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Losers, Glorious Losers

I just found, via Deadspin, a noble and entertaining enterprise -- DFL, a blog devoted to the last-place finishers in every Olympic event.

A quick scan makes it seem pretty earnest about honoring these lesser lights for getting there in the first place.

To wit, from the host:
My default position should come as no surprise: given the stringent qualification rules imposed by the IOC, the various sport governing bodies, and national Olympic committees, I don't think that anyone who manages to get to the Olympics has anything to apologize or atone for. ... If you're so myopic to conclude that if someone else wins, it's because it's your guy's fault, not because somebody else was better or stronger or just plain luckier that day, then you need to pull your head out of your ass and look around at the rest of the field a bit.
Of course, between the blog's title (an acronym I'm pretty sure I can parse) and its reason for being, there's plenty of room in the cheek leftover for tongue. (Ew. Sorry. I was trying to play on a common phrase, but it just ended up sounding gross.)

((But really -- wanna make out?))

Also, while I apologize for that last remark, let's remember baseball, which is blooming again in Florida and Arizona, even as New York continues to dig out: Get your game face on here and here and here.


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