Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Obscurity Knocks

I finally got around to reading this week's cover story about blogging in New York magazine.

The not-so-stunning upshot: "Most bloggers toil in total obscurity."

Like I need to read a magazine to grasp my obscurity.

Then again, I'm hardly toiling. The article makes clear that most bloggers who aggressively seek the kind of readership that attracts ad money have to post all day and all night, trawling the outer reaches of the web and the most vapid triple-digit Time Warner channels for celebrity gossip and the like. In other words, for everything you can already get from Gawker and a select number of its offspring.

No, thanks. I vastly prefer my method of ignoring celebrities and posting intermittently. Take that, Lindsay Lohan and punctuality!

I remain hopeful, though, partly because of this analysis from New York:
Plus, blogs offer tightly focused niches, which advertisers love. “You wanna reach New York, you buy on Gothamist. You want to reach mommies, you buy on Busy Mom. How does traditional media match that?” asks Brian Clark, an ad buyer who orchestrated Audi’s blogvertising last year.
Well, you can't get a more tightly focused niche than the one I've got. Advertisers -- pardon me; blogvertisers -- if you want to reach my sister Leigh, or my friends Ray and Nick, you must work with me!


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