Monday, January 09, 2006

A Promise to Keep Up the Pace. And, the Word Bone is Funny

It's been a slow few days on ye olde blogge. Apologies, but life gets in the way sometimes, as you know. Sure, it would be great if everyone could just sit around blogging all day (OK, no, that would be horrific), but that's not nature's plan for us. Speaking of nature, I'm cobbling together a longer post on evolution and intelligent design to post sometime this week. It's part of my promise (to myself; I'm working on getting readers and promising them things) to stretch out a bit in the new year.

For now, Encyclopedia Hanasiana has this report on a funny-looking and even funnier-named sound relic from the late 70s. I suppose it's the equivalent of today's iPod, if the iPod looked like a prop from Olivia Newton-John's video for "Physical."


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