Thursday, January 05, 2006

Archive of the Day Redux

Won't make a habit of doubling up like this, but while I'm flipping through my underlined copy of The Risk Pool, thought I'd share an additional short paragraph. It's heavy-hearted in tone, but beautiful, too, I think you'll agree:
And so began the final stage of my boyhood in Mohawk. Later, as an adult, I would return from time to time. As a visitor, though, never again as a true resident. But then I wouldn't be a true resident of any other place either, joining instead the great multitude of wandering Americans, so many of whom have a Mohawk in their past, the memory of which propels us we know not precisely where, so long as it's away. Return we do, but only to gain momentum for our next outward arc, each further than the last, until there is no elasticity left, nothing to draw us home.


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