Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Democracy, or Voting For Yourself

I just came across mention of the voting process for this year's Weblog Awards (or, "Bloggies"). I was going to half-jokingly suggest you go and vote for ASWOBA or other friends and lovers, but a quick look at the ballot shows it might be more trouble than it's worth. Categories include Best Australian or New Zealand Weblog and Best Craft Weblog. Hmm.

I don't imagine you have to vote for every category, and you can vote for yourself, so at the very least it's probably worth it for those of us who have blogs to partially fill out a ballot. Now I have to go contemplate what it says about me that I've just spent more time thinking about this than I have about my last five local political elections.

(I wonder if Iraqis are allowed to vote for the Bloggies. Perhaps that should be Christopher Hitchens' next subject on Slate.)


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