Wednesday, December 28, 2005

AP On Second Thought Headline of the Day

Woman May Not Have Meant to Swallow Phone

This comes to us from Missouri (by way of Leigh, sister of ASWOBA), and it's worth noting some of the story's details:
A woman who police thought deliberately tried to swallow her cell phone during an argument with her boyfriend was apparently the victim of an assault instead, authorities said. Police have a suspect in the bizarre incident that sent the 24-year-old woman to the hospital last week, Sgt. Allen Kintz said.

Early Friday, police responded to a call from a Blue Springs man who said his girlfriend was having trouble breathing. Police arrived to find a woman with a cell phone lodged in her throat. Police were initially told the boyfriend wanted the phone and the woman tried to swallow it so that he could not get it.
Nice police work. It seems like the force's training manual might want to add a line or two, like: It shouldn't take responding officers a week to determine that someone didn't voluntarily cram a communication device down their own windpipe.

I can just imagine other crime scenes:
Male: "Officer, I wanted to use my hunting knife, but she thought it was her turn, so she drove it deep into her thigh so I couldn’t have it."
Officer: "Is that true, ma’am?"
Female: (gurgle, wheeze)
Officer: "Real mature, ma'am."



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