Thursday, December 22, 2005

A Fleeting Thought About Songs

Just wanted to note that there are some songs that are good songs, often damn good songs. But they're not going to make any short list, and they're not going to pop into your head very often. You're not going to rattle them off when someone puts you on the spot about your "desert island" songs or whatever other nonsense your geeky friends are talking about. Yet, there are times when you're listening to these songs when you would swear they're the greatest song you've ever heard.

"Sitting Still" by R.E.M. is one of those songs. I'm just saying.



Anonymous jpoulos said...

Indeed, the whole Murmur album is like that. When, every couple of years or so, I stumble on it in my CD collection, I wonder why I don't pop it in more often.

You can gather when I talk
talk until you’re blue
You could get away from me
Get away from me

12:06 PM  

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