Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bacon Lives

I don't spend a lot of time going through my own archives, but someone asked me a question today that sent me back to find something. And while I was there, I ran into my good buddy King Curtis. I sometimes go back to find song clips that I've posted, and a maddening amount of the time they've been removed from YouTube and are no longer functional. But I am happy -- thrilled -- to announce that the club remix of "Bacon is Good For Me" is still available for your edification.

At the time I first posted about Curtis, I suggested that he star in a show with the father featured on a very popular Twitter page, which I discovered around the same time. (And which got much less funny very quickly.) Now, CBS is turning that Twitter page into a sitcom called $#*! My Dad Says (that's the real spelling of the title), starring William Shatner. Of course, the show will be terrible. I still say HBO should have paid to put Curtis and the old man in a condo together for a few months. That would have been much more entertaining.


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