Monday, January 18, 2010


I think a few people took my picking against the Jets in the opening round of the playoffs as an expression of some kind of animosity toward the team. It wasn't. In fact, I've always preferred the Jets to the Giants, though I don't pull for any NFL team these days. This preference dates back to my childhood on Long Island watching the "sack exchange," Richard Todd, and Freeman McNeil. I even went with my dad to the last game the team ever played at Shea Stadium, a 34-7 pounding at the hands of Terry Bradshaw's Steelers. (Dad's not a Jets fan, as far as I know, but his history with the team is even richer; he was at Super Bowl III, when Namath and company upset the Colts.) For most of my lifetime, the team has adopted a strategy that I once described to a friend as "suck and hold on for dear life."

I'm glad the Jets are doing what they're doing. But it is surprising. The team is playing like it did when it started the season 3-0. But since that start, there hadn't been many signs that this was a Super Bowl-caliber team. Yes, the defense is outstanding, but Mark Sanchez had a bad season, and in the current NFL it isn't easy to win without passing the ball. (See: The other three teams remaining in the playoffs.) It's why I'm still rooting for an Indy-New Orleans Super Bowl—because I think the Jets will eventually fall behind to a strong offense, and a game like that could be ugly. (See: The Jets-New Orleans game from Week 4.)


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