Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Getting Closer

Whew. I'm finally done going through the Time Out Film Guide and listing every movie in it that I've seen, from About a Boy to Zoolander. I'll save extended thoughts for an intro to the countdown that I'll post Monday morning before the first installment. I'll say for now that a couple of omissions in the guide have me a little nervous that I'll miss something. But even if I do, the world will keep spinning. Probably.

Two movies the book doesn't list -- and it was very random that I would have noticed these missing -- are The Anniversary Party (a so-so indie-flavored ensemble piece) and Hands on a Hard Body (an excellent documentary that will likely fall short of the final list). So how many others does it miss?

My initial batch of definite inclusions is 60, so it will be fun fleshing out the rest.


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