Wednesday, January 21, 2009


A stunning satellite photo of yesterday's inauguration. . . . Noam Scheiber on how Obama's experience at Harvard Law School may have shaped his governing style. . . . David Bernstein didn't like yesterday's (or any other inauguration's) pomp. . . . Will Wilkinson live-blogged the event, and he rightly complained about Rick Warren's "fake evangelical emotion." (I was imitating the way he said "Sasha" all night.) In an earlier post, Wilkinson bemoaned that the media believes its job is "mediating and engineering our emotional response." The media yesterday was awful. . . . Man alive, those Obama children are cute, eh? . . . Speaking of, let's get away from politics: an impossibly cute French kid makes up a story.


Blogger Dan Carlson said...

Listening to Warren's prayer was like being back at every summer camp I ever attended. The way he hit the daughters' names must be the way you're taught to pray at seminary these days: emphatic and creepy.

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

John...the French kid's story is a riot. Did you
happen to see, on the same site, the "youngest
Hey Jude"? Talk about Cute!! Sammy

12:14 AM  

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