Friday, January 16, 2009

Lone Star Reading

A while back, I posted about the Amazon blog Omnivoracious, and its "electoral project." For each state, the site has posted a number of books that corresponds to that state's number of delegates in the electoral college. I've been sitting on this for too long, but Texas and its 34 books were written up in November. Lots of heavyweights on display: Cormac McCarthy, Larry McMurty, Robert Caro, Katherine Anne Porter, Donald Barthelme.

One title I might add, off the top of my head, is The Loop by Joe Coomer. Its protagonist, Lyman, works for the highway department, driving around the Fort Worth "loop," maintaining the road and helping motorists. It involves his relationships with a parrot and a librarian who helps him decipher what the bird might be saying. I read it years ago, but enjoyed it. I would share a passage, but my copy is in storage.

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