Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hall Monitor

While I'm thinking about baseball, please allow me two more thoughts on this year's Hall of Fame voting:

1. Two people voted for Jay Bell, and these people should have their voting rights rescinded immediately. Yes, someone also voted for Jesse Orosco, but I can give that person a pass -- Orosco was involved in a few memorable moments, and he managed to pitch until he was 237 years old. But Jay Bell?

2. Players receiving less than 5% of the vote aren’t eligible to be considered again, and that’s the fate of pitcher David Cone. This surprises me. I’m not saying Cone is a Hall of Famer, but the way this silly system works, there’s a lesser honor in just hanging around for a few ballots. Cone's 2,668 strikeouts are good for 22nd all-time. He won a Cy Young Award, and finished in the top five in voting three other times. In League Championship Series, he was 5-1; in World Series, he was 5-0 with a 2.12. ERA. He pitched a perfect game, which has only happened 17 times in Major League history. As Wikipedia helpfully points out, “more people have orbited the moon than have pitched a Major League Baseball perfect game.” Granted, one of those perfect games was pitched by Len Barker, who belongs in the HOF as much as I do. But Cone was a big-game pitcher, and I think he deserves, at least, to linger.

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Blogger David said...

Cone was always a favorite of mine, as he grew up in my neighborhood and went to the same high school I did. I was crushed when the Royals traded him the first time (Ed Hearn?!), and just angry when they did so the second time (Chris Stynes?!). Actually, it's interesting: David Cone was traded four times in his career, and as good as he was, he brought back next to nothing other than Jeff Kent.

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