Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Song in a Strange Space

Your song for this Wednesday, before it's too late.

Last fall, at a small venue downtown, I saw a charming band called Clare & the Reasons. People I know are friends with people in the band. That's about as specific as I can get, not because of discretion but because I'm pretty sure my memory is full. I recommend seeing them. When they're done playing, you'll want them to continue; not in a raging way, but in a very satisfying "bring me a small cocktail, and perhaps even an old book, and have the band keep playing, please" kind of way.

I just found this clip, which features the band playing my favorite song of theirs -- "Nothing/Nowhere" -- in a greenhouse. Not just any greenhouse, but a greenhouse called Super Bien! in Berlin, a "project initiated by three Berlin based artists aimed at developing alternative strategies for the display of visual art and thereby examining the role of the gallery within contemporary culture." The gallery is walled with one-way mirrors, as you'll see by the guy outside in the first few seconds -- somewhat confused, but enjoying the music. You, too, enjoy:


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