Monday, January 28, 2008

The State of Keith

Watching cable news coverage leading up to the State of the Union (which I'm now essentially ignoring as it plays in the background), I thought once again of that sad sentiment, which I would have thought unimaginable during the heyday of "SportsCenter" in the early '90s: Keith Olbermann is insanely annoying.

Just as I was thinking this, though, he saved himself with a line that made me laugh. One of his viewers had written in to say that Bill Clinton might be putting his foot in his mouth lately because he's not used to the 24-hour news crush. Olbermann rightfully skewered this viewer on air, saying that cable covered the Lewinsky scandal "from hot and cold running taps."

I laughed, and then I switched to HBO (election years are terrible because they cause me to watch more TV) and saw Bill Maher for a minute. That reminded me what it means for someone to be truly annoying.

So, off to bed having achieved a temporary peace with Mr. Olbermann.


Blogger Henry said...

Worst Person in the Worldddd....

12:57 AM  

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