Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An Exciting New Project

For a brief portion of my tenure at HarperCollins, I was lucky enough to work with Dan Menaker, who stopped there for a spell before returning to Random House as that house's editor in chief. He also spent a couple of great decades as an editor at The New Yorker, where he published more notable fiction than I could possibly list here. Dan is also known for his generous spirit. At a time when I was still very much a publishing neophyte, his office door was always open for serious conversation about the business and pleasure of books.

So I'm very excited to say that I'm working on his latest project, Titlepage, which was written up in today's New York Times. An online talk show, each episode of Titlepage will feature Dan interviewing four authors of new books. The three people mentioned in the article -- Dan, and the two producers, Lina and Odile -- are all impressive and accomplished. The fourth person on the project is yours truly. I'll be writing more about this in the near future, as you might imagine. For now, perhaps you'd like to visit the official site and sign up for our mailing list. It's all you can do there for now, but soon it will be a very active place.


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