Monday, September 10, 2007

The Ratio of Others' Words to My Own

I know that some of you -- well, one or two of you, at least -- slightly prefer my own ramblings to the posts that depend mostly on links and excerpts, like the three immediately below. I appreciate that. These days, I'm a bit busy working on a couple of other things, things that may or may not go anywhere but might lead to things like fame or at least a living wage, and the posts with links/excerpts are obviously much easier to throw together.

But I am working on a few longer things for here, including my long-promised (and eagerly-awaited, I'm sure) thoughts on The Road by Cormac McCarthy. I also saw an old movie over the weekend that I'm going to write about in the next day or two. And knowing my history with such pointless updates, I'm likely to go on a three-week tear starting tomorrow during which I only ramble and don't link to a damn thing. Such is the coherent, directed project that is ASWOBA.

As you were.


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