Monday, September 24, 2007

Notes on Mom & Dad

The trip this weekend (see post below) was about five hours each way, with one gas/food stop, and Mom introduced me to an enjoyable method of passing highway time -- crossword puzzles. From the passenger side, she would work on the puzzle and recite clues to me so I could help. The only small problem is that being told the number of spaces and letters without being able to see the page grows a bit maddening. "It's nine letters and I've got blank-B-blank-blank-A-D-blank-blank-S."


Mom's also good to have along on a car ride because she's observant and she has a quirky way of processing her observations. For instance, we passed three picturesque graveyards on the way up, the third of which prompted this comment from her:

"That cemetery had a funny name. It was called Lake View." After laughing to herself for a few seconds, she said, "The visitors get one anyway, I guess."

My Dad went to Cornell, and was a standout baseball player there. He still holds, as far as I can tell, the school's record for career ERA (1.06). That fact is listed here, though it says he compiled his stats from 1979-1982. Those are, um, not the right years. I found a PDF of the school's baseball program from 2004, which also says he holds the record -- and gets the years right.

Anyway, here he is posing with the guys back when:

And here he is in action, sporting the white-man's overbite, which is much cooler when pitching than when dancing:


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